Display your dashboards without special hardware

  • Quick to set up using standard hardware
  • Easy to manage remotely
  • Can be set up to boot automatically

All you need to get up and running

  1. first item

    A large screen

    Big monitors or TVs mounted to a wall in a prominent position are perfect.

  2. second item

    A way to display a web browser on your screen

    Get up and running quickly using a Smart TV or cheap PC connected to your screen.

  3. third item

    A Geckoboard account

    Create one or more dashboards, made up of your most important metrics.

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Manage your dashboards remotely with our Send to TV feature

Image showing an example dashboard. Click to watch the video.
  • Connect securely Pair a device to your Geckoboard account and it's ready to display your dashboards
  • Manage remotely Change which dashboards are displayed on your TV from your own laptop
  • Cycle between dashboards Easily build dashboard loops that cycle through two or more dashboards on one screen