Product updates

Make integration

Geckoboard integrates with a wide range of popular business tools to make it easier to pull key metrics into your dashboard, but we know there are useful data sources out there that we haven’t got covered yet.

To make it easier to get data from those sources into Geckoboard, we’ve integrated with Make - a no-code tool that allows you to fetch data from a huge range of services, add filters and functions to customise your data, and then send it to Geckoboard using our Datasets API.

Here’s a simple ‘scenario’ in Make that automatically sends data from Airtable to your dashboard, as an example:


To try this for yourself, sign up to Integromat, create a scenario, and look for Geckoboard in the list of services (here’s some guidance on how to do this). Alternatively, we can set a custom scenario up for you - get in touch to discuss your use case with our team here.