Product updates

Airtable data source

You can now connect Airtable to Geckoboard, opening up a range of options for accessing and manipulating useful data to display on your dashboards.

Bring data in from your tables by selecting Airtable in our list of data sources, and following the instructions to set up a connection. From there, you’ll be able to pull your records into Geckoboard.

Airtable can be a useful bridge between Geckoboard and other tools, as well as a space to calculate and combine metrics to display on your dashboard. Some of our favourite Airtable extensions include:

CSV Import: a handy, visual way to import and manipulate CSV files

SyncWith: import data from a number of sources Geckoboard doesn’t integrate with directly, including BigQuery, WooCommerce and Notion

Randomize values: useful for creating dummy data if you’re prototyping or demoing a dashboard to someone else

Zapier: connect hundreds of other data sources to Airtable

There are a few limitations to our integration to be aware of:

  • Tables must have fewer than 5000 rows of data to work with our integration
  • Some data types aren’t supported. Columns containing the following data types won’t be imported: button, attachment, lookup, multipleAttachments, multipleCollaborators, multipleSelects, multipleRecordLinks, url