Product updates

Zendesk Agent Status metrics

We’ve added support for a range of real-time agent status metrics from Zendesk, with a new integration called Zendesk Agent Status.

For Zendesk setups with omnichannel routing rules at their core, this opens up many possibilities for accurately monitoring real-time agent workloads across Support, Talk, Messaging, and in some cases Chat, and agent availability to pick up additional work items.


Some of the metrics now supported include:

  • Current agent status (online, offline, away, in transfer…)

  • Agents’ status broken out by channel

  • Total work items owned by each agent

  • Agent capacity, broken out by channel

…and more.

To access these new metrics, select Zendesk Agent Status from our list of data sources whilst logged into Geckoboard, and set up a connection to your Zendesk account.

Note: as this uses a specific API supplied by Zendesk, you’ll need to set this up as a new connection even if you’ve already connected via our Support, Chat, Talk or Sell data sources.