Product updates

Overhauled Google Ads data source

We’ve completely overhauled our Google Ads data source, making it much easier to build and edit Google Ads widgets, as well as adding new metrics and some newer features you may have noticed on other data sources.

What’s new?

Updated widget-building experience: Most significant is an update to the way you build Google Ads widgets. We’ve streamlined the configuration options to sit on the left of the screen, and added a live preview of your widget to the right, so you can quickly adjust and fine-tune to your heart’s content before adding a widget to your dashboard.


New metrics and dimensions: We’ve added several new metrics, including ROAS, value per conversion, device, network type, and support for new dimensions including device, network type and conversion action.

More time periods supported: Data can now be bucketed by day, week, month or year. Most metrics can now also show data for the previous time period, along with a comparison of how performance has changed.

Combine multiple metrics: You can now create richer visualizations by adding multiple metrics to the same chart.


Get notified when metrics change: Google Ads now supports notifications, so you and your team can get alerted when metrics hit certain thresholds.

To access the new version and take advantage of these new updates, simply add a new Google Ads widget. Let us know what you think!