Product updates

Geckoboard Lite (beta)

Although Geckoboard is designed to be displayed on large screens and TVs, not everyone has the necessary hardware to use our screens feature in all its glory.

Often it makes sense to start displaying a dashboard using whatever devices you have already, such as the browser on a Smart TV, an old unused laptop or a Raspberry Pi, before investing in any more hardware. But occasionally these devices will display errors or crash as they don’t fully support the modern web technologies that make our dashboards look and feel so good.

That’s why we’re launching a beta of a new feature we’re calling Geckoboard Lite that brings the awesomeness of our dashboards to a whole new range of underpowered, under-supported devices.

If you’re looking to display your dashboard on a device or browser that doesn’t quite meet our recommended specs, you can now choose to activate Geckoboard Lite to reduce the chances of your dashboards looking less than perfect.

Simply click ‘Screens’ at the top of your account and toggle Geckoboard Lite on:


Once enabled, if we detect your browser isn’t powerful enough then we’ll send an easier-to-display version, otherwise the “standard” version of your dashboard will be displayed as normal.

What’s the difference? Aside from better performance, it’s unlikely you’ll see anything different, although some visualisations and advanced customisations aren’t supported in the beta quite yet.