Product updates

Datasets API

We’ve just released a beta of our new approach to working with custom data in Geckoboard. When you want the highest level of control, or to create widgets using your own data sources, the new Datasets API is the best way to get that data into Geckoboard.

There’s just one data type - a simple, tabular structure called a Dataset - from which you can create a whole variety of different widgets using our powerful editor.

Building widgets from a dataset

It’s simple to try out different visualisations to find the one that’s most appropriate for your dashboard, and to make changes as your needs evolve. The editor also makes it possible for non-developers to make new widgets and change existing ones without having to ask for more development time.

To get started, take a look at the documentation for the new API, and then create your first dataset! We’d love to hear your feedback to help us shape the feature while it’s in beta.