Product updates

The all new Geckoboard


After months of hard work behind the scenes, we’re incredibly excited to release a huge update to Geckoboard to kick the year off with a bang! For the full story behind what we’ve improved and why, check out the announcement blog post from our CEO, Paul. Here are the highlights:

New dashboard layouts

Our new dashboard layouts make your key metrics clearer and easier to understand than ever before. Widgets can now be grouped so you can show how metrics relate to each other, and you can make better use of space on your dashboard by labelling groups of metrics.


To learn how to convert your dashboards to use the new look, check out our help article.

Redesigned visualizations

We’ve redesigned key visualizations and indicators to make them even easier to read at a distance.

Fresh new design and brand

Our dashboards have been updated with a bold new design that improves legibility and makes them more engaging for your team. We’ve carried this through to our website and help center with a complete rebrand that we hope you love as much as we do.