Product updates

New ChartMogul widgets

We’ve overhauled our ChartMogul data source from the ground up to make more ChartMogul metrics available, provide more options for visualizing them, and to improve data accuracy.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

  • Expanded range of metrics, so you can now visualize the following in Geckoboard:

    • Recurring revenue: ARR, MRR, MRR Contraction, MRR New Business, MRR Churn, MRR Expansion, MRR Reactivation, Net MRR Movement (new)
    • Subscribers: ARPA, ASP, Subscriber Count, LTV (new)
    • Churn: Customer Churn Rate, Net MRR Churn Rate (new)
  • Ability to filter by plan, as well as country

  • New reporting periods, allowing you to show data for today, yesterday, this week, this month, or this quarter, depending on the metric.

  • On our line chart visualization, incomplete time periods are now shown as a dotted line

  • Expanded comparison options that now allow you to compare the current month to same month last year, and the current quarter to same quarter last year.