Employee Engagement Dashboard Example

What is an employee engagement dashboard?

Employee engagement dashboards help People teams and HR teams understand and communicate how the company’s policies are affecting company culture and employee wellbeing. The data visualized by these dashboards is usually taken from some sort of regular survey conducted anonymously with the entire organization.

  1. Employee Engagement

    This company runs an anonymous survey with its employees each quarter. Three of the questions relate to employee engagement: whether or not they would recommend the company to others, whether or not they feel included by company culture, and whether or not they feel they are continuously learning and developing at the company.

    The average scores are visualized in this dashboard, reflecting average scores of the whole company and each team. The HR Director has included a status indicator to demonstrate that an average score below 4/6 represents serious cause for concern. For each question, we can also see the trend over time.

    This dashboard is helpful because it provides a point of focus for the HR team. Furthermore, it helps the HR team reiterate the importance of employee engagement initiatives to senior management, who might otherwise prioritize other areas of the business.

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