Training Dashboard Examples

What is a training dashboard?

Training dashboards give Learning and Development teams a high level overview of their training programs. These help training providers, who can find it challenging to maintain oversight of training activity. Particularly if training takes place off-site, or is conducted by a distributed team of facilitators.

  1. Learning and Development plan

    This dashboard has been created by a Learning and Development Manager to track an internal training plan, which she has created for her company’s three different locations. In most cases, she is not necessarily the one delivering the training herself, instead bringing in third-party trainers and facilitators. The dashboard therefore helps her to maintain a global overview of her plan, which she can check at a glance.

    The dashboard gives her an up to date overview of how all recent training has been received by the different participant groups. It also focuses on the KPI she is using to measure the success of her training plan overall – L&D satisfaction. This is based on a quarterly survey conducted with the entire company. We can see that scores in the Australia office have been consistently lower than elsewhere.

  2. Training provider dashboard

    This dashboard has been created by an external training provider who runs sessions for many different organizations. The facilitator team is regionally dispersed and spends much of their time either on the road or in training sessions. As a result, it can sometimes be slow for session metrics and KPIs to reach the people who need to see them – for example, account managers and senior leadership.

    This dashboard stores all this KPI information all in one place. It primarily tracks course attendance and feedback scores based on a ‘Value For Time’ question, asked to everyone who takes part in the session. This data is generated via a short survey (known as a Day Card) conducted with participants at the end of each day.

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