Email Newsletter Dashboard Example

What is an email newsletter dashboard?

Email marketers use newsletter dashboards to track the performance of their email marketing efforts. These dashboards track the performance of individual email campaigns alongside more holistic metrics such as mailing list growth.

  1. Email marketing dashboard

    This dashboard is tracking several key metrics related to the brand’s regular newsletter. In the top left hand corner, they are tracking the number of conversions generated from newsletter sends. In the bar chart, we can see the individual performance of email campaigns in the form of Open Rate, Click Through Rate and Email Bounce Rate. Along the bottom of the dashboard, we can track how many new subscribers the newsletter has attracted this month. This includes a helpful visualization of the maximum number of subscribers allowed under their marketing platform’s current plan (5,000). Finally, we can see the number of days until the next scheduled newsletter send. This is helpful when communicating and coordinating with stakeholders across the business.

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    • Focus area

      Mailing list growth, email campaign performance

    • Who looks at it?

      Marketing Manager, Marketing Director

    • How often?

      Several times a month

    • HubSpotMailchimpSpreadsheets

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