Transform spreadsheet data into live dashboards

Easily turn any spreadsheet into a dynamic, real-time dashboard that’s easy to share with your team and stakeholders.

Spreadsheet KPI dashboard
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Seamless integration

Easily visualize data from Google Sheets and Excel files hosted in the cloud.

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Automatic sync

Create dashboards that stay in sync with your spreadsheets.

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Share live dashboards

View and share read-only spreadsheet dashboards designed for desktop, mobile and TV.

Make data clear and easy-to-understand

We want to be as data driven as we can and dashboards allow us to share the right data with each team in the clearest way. Geckoboard ensures everyone can see their goals and work towards them.

Emiel van LentheChief Operations Officerat Codator

Create spreadsheet-powered dashboards in minutes

Geckoboard’s intuitive dashboard builder turns your raw data from any spreadsheet into live dashboards that drive better business decisions.

Easy to use and easy to digest

We have gone from spending a lot of time and effort creating charts within PDF docs to a spreadsheet-powered dashboard that is easy to create, update and share. I’m excited to be able to share the information on our dashboard, and our board members love it!

Lakisha Miller-BarclayCEO, Rubber Divisionat ACS
  • Share spreadsheet dashboards with your team

    Share read-only spreadsheet dashboards

    Give teammates, managers, clients or your organization access to up-to-date dashboards they can view (but not edit) in any browser. 

  • Display Spreadsheet KPIs on TVs

    Display KPIs on TVs & big screens

    Broadcast your data where it’s most visible to foster a data-driven culture. Learn more.

  • Mobile-friendly Spreadsheet Dashboards

    Access your dashboards on the go

    Review your dashboards anywhere, anytime, with mobile access. Learn more.

  • Automated Spreadsheet reports

    Automate Spreadsheet reporting

    Simplify your reporting processes with automated updates that keep everyone informed. Learn more.

90+ data sources

Easily add live data from over 90 other tools alongside spreadsheet data, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics and more.


What sort of dashboards can I create?

Geckoboard is ideal for creating an up-to-date view of metrics you, your team, or stakeholders should be regularly monitoring, which can include data from several sources. Examples might include dashboards for monitoring the performance of your whole business, specific departments, or dashboards featuring data from several spreadsheets. For inspiration, check out our dashboard examples.

How real-time is Geckoboard’s spreadsheet integration?

Google Sheets widgets update within 3 minutes of a change in your spreadsheet data, and Excel within 15 minutes. See this help article for refresh rates of all our other data sources.

Can I connect multiple spreadsheet files?

Absolutely, and you can add metrics from different spreadsheet files and data sources to the same dashboard too.

What sort of support does Geckoboard offer?

Geckoboard is designed to be easy for anyone to use without any training or complicated setup. To help along the way, we’ve put together useful articles answering common questions, and for anything else, our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand 24/5 to help you succeed with your dashboards, whatever time zone you’re in. Pro and Scale plans offer even snappier support, with priority support and dedicated support reps available.

How much does it cost?

You can try Geckoboard completely free for 14 days by signing up for a free trial - no payment details required. Plans then start from $39/month, with options for more dashboards, users and TVs on your account. View our pricing here.