IT Dashboard Examples

What is an IT dashboard?

An IT dashboard is any type of data dashboard used to support the work of an IT team. This includes dashboards used to monitor technical systems and processes, such as server capacity. It could also include dashboards that track day-to-day operations, such as how effectively an IT team is providing IT support to the rest of the organization.

  1. IT team dashboard

    This dashboard monitors various metrics related to the IT team’s day-to-day operations, goals and responsibilities.

    The first two rows (on the left hand side of the dashboard) visualize metrics related to the team’s internal support. The IT team can quickly see how many tickets have been raised by colleagues who require urgent IT support. They can also see how quickly and efficiently they are resolving new issues. In this case, a backlog of tickets has built up, triggering a red status indicator.

    The team can also see how many new people are joining the organization, ensuring they have been set up on the company system and have received their IT equipment before their first day. Finally, this section includes a Net Promoter Score (NPS) taken from a mini survey which measures how satisfied colleagues are with their level of IT support.

    On the right hand side of the dashboard, the team is tracking other important metrics. These include status updates on long term projects, budget utilization and website uptime. The variety of metrics goes to show how these dashboards can be entirely customized to the users’ needs.

  2. Amazon Web Services expenditure

    This dashboard has one purpose, to monitor the company’s expenditure with Amazon Web Services. (AWS)

    For this EdTech company, who uses AWS to manage their cloud-based servers, their AWS spend represents a significant proportion of their overall IT budget. It’s therefore vital that they keep on top of how much they are spending. Unfortunately, updates on billing information are both infrequent and only accessible via the account admins. This creates the prospect that developers can cause a significant increase in the net daily spend, without anyone noticing.

    That’s why the account admin has created this dashboard to keep everyone aware of daily and monthly spend. More eyes on these metrics – more frequently – reduces the likelihood that expenditure will ever get out of control.

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