Intercom Dashboard

An Intercom TV dashboard helps your team to:

Work togetherWhen there's a conversation spike your team can’t always see it, but with an Intercom chat dashboard on a TV, they can see when their coworkers are getting snowed under and lend a hand.

Work together

Prevent problemsIf your team spends a lot of time “firefighting,” display your Intercom metrics on a large screen dashboard so they can spot problems early and avoid bottlenecks. This will then free them to focus on the best leads, and help customers faster.

Prevent problems

See everything on one dashboardGive your team everything they need on a single dashboard, with key metrics from Intercom, plus data from other useful tools like Zendesk, Twitter, Salesforce, and Google Analytics.

See everything on one dashboard

Key features

  • Dashboard loops

    Dashboard loops

    Cycle through multiple dashboards on one screen, to show different website metrics, with our loop option.

  • Clean visualizations

    Clean visualizations

    Use our uncluttered visualizations to help your team understand their data quickly and from a distance.

  • Easy setup

    Easy setup

    Get Geckoboard on your TV in seconds using just your laptop, or set it and forget it with our Chrome OS app

  • Everything in one place

    Everything in one place

    See your key Intercom metrics on a single dashboard, alongside metrics from other tools like Zendesk Support, Twitter, Pingdom, and Google Analytics.