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Improve the performance of your application and monitor trends with a New Relic dashboard.

What’s a New Relic Dashboard?

Bring key data from your New Relic account into Geckoboard in real-time to get full visibility on how your application is performing, alongside key data from services such as Amazon Cloudwatch and Pingdom.

  • Why use a New Relic dashboard?

    • View response time, resource usage, errors, Apdex scores and more
    • Embed charts from your New Relic account directly into your dashboard
    • Give your whole team visibility by displaying your dashboard on a screen in your workspace

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  • Why use Geckoboard?

    • Inform and motivate your team with a focused KPI dashboard
    • Build dashboards without I.T. using 60+ pre-built integrations
    • Flexible API for displaying data from any other system
    • Designed with big screens in mind and looks great on the wall
    • Proactive support to help you get the most from your KPI dashboard

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