Amazon CloudWatch dashboards

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Geckoboard connects securely with your Amazon account, so you can display key CloudWatch metrics for your team on an understandable, unmissable TV dashboard.

  • Monitor AWS data across different regions and namespaces, including Amazon EC2, Cloudfront, Kinesis, Redshift, Lambda and more
  • See at a glance how your systems are performing
  • Round off with useful information from other services, to help your team focus on impactful work

Get the exact metrics you need with powerful filters

Geckoboard supports key metrics from Amazon CloudWatch including:

Key metrics

  • CPU Credit Balance
  • CPU Utilization
  • Network in/out
  • Billing Charges for the month vs last month
  • And more...

Choose from beautiful visualizations, like these:

Estimated billing charges

Estimates billing charges Amazon CloudWatch image


CPU AmazonCloudwatch image