Facebook dashboards

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Geckoboard connects easily and securely with your Facebook account, so you can display important page metrics on an easy-to-understand, unmissable TV dashboard for your team.

  • See key Page stats at a glance, to check the impact of your social campaigns and quickly make adjustments
  • Display data from several Facebook accounts or pages on the same TV dashboard, and access headline metrics without logging in to Facebook
  • Combine Facebook metrics with useful information from other sources, to give an overview of all your social channels

Get the exact metrics you need with powerful filters

Geckoboard supports key metrics from Facebook including:

Key metrics

  • Like Count, Comments, Shares and more for a specific post
  • Views, Impressions, Likes and more for a Facebook page on your account
  • Page Demographics
  • And more...

Choose from beautiful visualizations, like these:


Unlikes Facebook image

Unique Page Impressions

Unique Page Impressions Facebook image

Page Views

Page Views Facebook image