New Relic dashboards

* Contains sample data

Geckoboard connects securely to your New Relic account, allowing you to create a TV dashboard for your team and make key performance metrics visible and understandable.

Supports both US and EU data regions

  • Display important metrics on large screens for peace of mind and speedier response times when issues need addressing
  • Full coverage of metrics for your web and mobile applications, including the ability to compare multiple metrics on one chart
  • Also add metrics from other data sources to give your team a holistic view of your systems’ performance

Get the exact metrics you need with powerful filters

Geckoboard supports a range of important metrics, including:

Key metrics

  • Apdex
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Response Time
  • Errors
  • And more...

Choose from beautiful visualizations, like these:


CPU New Relic image

Response Time

Response Time New Relic image