Zapier dashboards

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Visualize useful data from thousands of sources with Geckoboard’s Zapier integration. Whether you want to create rich dashboards full of data from a variety of sources, or just want to add a metric from a tool we don’t support out of the box, our Zapier integration helps you visualize data from those hard to reach places in minutes.

  • Build streamlined dashboards using datasets from over 3000 sources, spanning productivity tools, CRM systems, IOT, email, finance, social media, news and lifestyle and more.
  • Make your data more meaningful with filters, comparisons and status indicators
  • Use Zapier for free (up to 100 tasks per month)

Create rich datasets that grow over time

Visualizing data from Zapier starts with an empty dataset in Geckoboard, which your Zap in Zapier will send data to. Once your Zap has run for the first time, you can then visualize your data in Geckoboard using several different visualizations, add filters, aggregate your data in different ways (show an average, for example) and use all the other powerful features our Datasets editor includes.

What’s more, a dataset can store up to 5000 records, becoming a useful store of historical data from the data source(s) you’re receiving data from.

For more information on how our Zapier integration works read our setup guide.

Choose from beautiful visualizations, like these:

Bar chart

Bar chart visualization


Guage visualization

Number with a goal

Number with a goal