Why put a TV dashboard on your office wall?

TV Dashboards

Sharing key metrics on a TV
 promotes openness

It's unmissable and helps you focus

You don’t have to dig out your data: it's instant

It brings teams together and sparks conversations

Why Geckoboard?

We know how frustrating it can be when TV dashboards are tough to set up and hard to read. That's why we've designed our dashboards specially for TV, so you can get them on screen in seconds, and your teams can understand their data instantly from a distance.

Colleagues talking with dashboard on wall in the distance

Easy to absorb

We’ve carefully considered font sizes, visualization designs, and color on our dashboards so your teams can easily absorb their data from a distance.

Number KPI and line chart example
Number KPI and percent example
Bar Chart with Goal example
KPI gauge example


As well as being beautifully designed for clarity, Geckoboard dashboards can also be customized to match your brand colors and office decor.

Woman working at desk on laptop

Effortless to manage

No more running around the office with a keyboard when you want to change your TV dashboard. Our Screens feature means you can easily change what’s showing and rearrange things remotely using just your laptop.

Spanner and screwdriver

Maintenance free

Hardware can be expensive, and manually booting dashboards every morning is annoying. With our free Chrome OS app you can automatically launch your full screen dashboard when the TV is turned on, and even if it loses power it’ll keep working when it comes back on.

Integration logos – Zendesk, Salesforce, Trello, Google Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Mailchimp, Excel, andFacebook

A place for all your metrics

We have pre-built connections with over 60 popular tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Google Sheets, so you can see everything you need on one dashboard. Just pick your key metrics and visualizations, without having to code.

  • Spotting important trends and identifying issues before they become a problem is critical to performance, and having live data on office screens makes it simple.
    Adrian Sevitz, CTO at Vzaar
  • Every time people walk by a Geckoboard on the wall they see a live heartbeat of performance and prioritize actions to drive growth.
    Mark Myers, Co-founder & Chief Design Officer, G2 Crowd
  • We’re building a culture where we encourage people to communicate regularly about their progress. The Geckoboard dashboard triggers questions and sparks actionable conversations.
    Tom Carrington Smith, CPO, Charlie HR