Why TV Dashboards? for businesses

What’s a TV dashboard?

TV dashboards display your most important metrics on a big screen, in real time, so they’re always visible and instantly accessible for everyone.

By presenting data in a clearer, simpler way, TV dashboards draw attention to the metrics that matter, so teams know exactly what they’re working towards, can react faster to changes in their numbers, and are all on the same page.

Geckoboard dashboard TV in office

TV dashboards are perfect for teams that need:

  • Clear goals, front of mind
  • A motivation boost
  • A data-driven mindset
  • Instant access to key metrics
  • Up to date metrics
  • Friendly competition

Why put a TV dashboard on your office wall?

Instead of your metrics being buried in spreadsheets, reports, and analytics tools, a TV dashboard puts them center stage, so your team can stay aligned with company goals and perform at their best.

Without a TV dashboardWithout a TV dashboard
Goals may get forgotten
Metrics are a drag to dig out
Metrics aren’t always reader-friendly
Metrics are rarely discussed
Metrics can be out of date
Data can be sliced and diced differently
With a TV dashboardWith a TV dashboard
Goals are front of mind
Metrics are accessible at a glance
Metrics can be understood instantly
Metrics spark conversations
Metrics are refreshed automatically
There’s a single point of reference

Find out how easy it is to build your own TV dashboard

Introducing Geckoboard: the quickest, easiest way to display live business, sales, marketing, and support metrics on the wall.

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