Product updates

Shopify data source improvements

We’ve shipped a range of improvements to our Shopify data source, including a new metric, a more useful Interactive View, and improved accuracy of some metrics.

Whats changed?

New Gross Sales metric: our integration now allows you to keep track of Gross Sales using a range of different visualizations. These can be broken down in a number of ways by filtering by specific product names, SKUs, locations, sales channels, tags and more.

See specific orders in Interactive View: dashboard admins can now use Interactive View to see which specific orders have impacted a metric. Click the new table icon on a Shopify widget, or ‘Source data’ whilst using Interactive View, and you can now see a list of orders associated with that metric. To make further investigation easier, you can click directly into those orders in Shopify itself, and download the raw data as a .CSV too.


Faster updates: Shopify widgets now benefit from faster refresh rates, with some metrics updating the instant orders come in.

Improved data accuracy: We’ve fixed an issue that affected the accuracy of sales metrics broken out by product for some users.