Why Geckoboard?

Geckoboard simplifies the decision-making process. It’s hard to dispute something that’s right in front of you.

Damian Kimmelman, Founder and CEO at Duedil

Make better decisions

Understand your most important data at a glance. See where you are and where you're going and feel confident in your decisions.

Geckoboard really helps people across all our teams to see the pulse of the business - both on an overall and more team-specific level. It triggers people to ask more questions and helps us focus on having an impact.

Adrian Roessler, Product Manager at Podio

Motivate your team

Let everyone know what's important by visualising everyday progress. Spark conversations and create sense of ownership.

Geckoboard allows you to move in an agile way as a young company when you’re experimenting with a lot of different things... we set goals and have real-time feedback.

J. Scott Zimmerman, Founder and CEO at Xola

Facilitate learning

Use data to learn early and quickly to be able to take your business in the right direction sooner.

Being able to have graphs and other data updating live on screens around the office, is invaluable in spotting changes in trends and picking up on issues before they become a problem.

Adrian Sevitz, CTO at Vzaar

React quickly

Double down on opportunities before it's too late and spot problems before they turn into disasters. Stay on top of your targets and stay in control.

Geckoboard has become a center point in our office. It’s a place where conversations take place about what’s happening with the data and what we can do to move those numbers in the direction we’d like them to go.

Thain Simon, Analytics Lead at Rise

Create data habits

Make data a part of everyday communication by giving your team real-time access to the data they need.

We're here to help

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