Today we’re delighted to introduce a new Free plan for anyone who wants to use Geckoboard to make a shareable dashboard using our most popular data source: spreadsheets.

It’s easy to understand why spreadsheets are so popular. They’re everywhere, and the most commonly used tool for data analysis, storage and visualization. Unfortunately, they do a poor job of communicating data.

Sometimes they can be difficult for others to interpret. They may hold raw or sensitive data alongside the data that's being shared. And no matter how much effort you put into making them look good, they can still get overlooked in a busy email chain or shared drive.

Our new Free plan is for anyone who wants to overcome these barriers and get data from a spreadsheet noticed, and acted on.

It gives you access to many of Geckoboard’s useful features so you can make an easy-to-understand dashboard using data you already have in a spreadsheet, and easily share it with others, using a sharing a link, embedding it in other tools like Microsoft Teams, or scheduling daily snapshots to Slack.

With our Free plan you’ll get full access to our Spreadsheets data source (which supports Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets), one dashboard and one user on your account, free forever. Simply sign up, and select the Free plan in your account's ‘Plans & Billing’ section to get going!

Want to learn more? See an overview of how our spreadsheet dashboards work, browse our spreadsheet articles in our Help Center, or check out our Pricing page.

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