Move in the same direction Show everyone where your company’s going with prominent business dashboards dotted around your office. By sharing your key metrics you’ll give a sense of direction, and help everyone understand the impact and wider context of their work.

Move in the same direction

Champion transparency If you believe in transparency within your company, displaying a business dashboard on a TV is the best way to keep an open culture. Share the health of the business, and let everyone know what other teams are doing, to encourage questions and prompt ideas.

Champion transparency

Spark conversations Whether you have offices in different locations, or just a disconnect between departments, get teams talking to each other by displaying business dashboards on TVs. This way, you’ll give your teams a place to show their progress, and create focal-points for data-driven conversations.

Spark conversations

React faster Help your teams react to issues in real time and spot problems before they get out of hand, by making our easy-to-understand business dashboards part of their routine.

React faster

Own the work Free your teams to track their own progress against set goals, and make decisions based on the metrics, without you having to remind them what to focus on.

Own the work

Be more motivated Introduce a bit of competition, and inspire your teams to make an impact, by listing star performers on a business dashboard. You can also use it to share group successes, and thank the unsung heroes for their hard work.

Be more motivated

Why use Geckoboard’s business dashboard software?

  • Quick and easy

    Quick and easy

    Whether you’re a CEO or a team leader, you can build your first business dashboard in minutes, and with over 60 integrations you can include all your current tools without needing to code.

  • Goals at a glance

    Goals at a glance

    Make your key metrics unmissable with our business dashboards. Instead of overly complicated data, and week-old reports that get buried in browser tabs, everyone will be able to see their goals at a glance.

  • Designed for TV

    Designed for TV

    Get your dashboard up on TV in seconds. Super-easy to set up, our dashboards are designed for TVs, with simple visualizations that can be seen from a distance, and a loop option so you can cycle through multiple dashboards on one screen.

Business dashboards perfect for:

  • We’re building a culture where we encourage people to communicate regularly about their progress. The Geckoboard dashboard triggers questions and sparks actionable conversations.
    Tom Carrington Smith, Charlie HR
  • I love having Geckoboard on the walls because every time people walk by, they see a live heartbeat of performance and prioritize actions to drive growth. And thanks to that visibility, we can respond more quickly and more intelligently to anything that comes up. It’s such an easy way to focus your team using metrics.
    Mark Myers, G2 Crowd
  • The simple live visualizations make our business’s most important metrics easily digestible and actionable for everyone and as a direct result of installing live TV visualizations of our most important metrics, the team have managed to improve our website conversion rate by 33% in 6 months.
    Chris Peters, Diggerland USA