Small business dashboards - help your team focus

Move in the same directionShare the health of your business on a small business dashboard, to give your investors and team a sense of direction. As well as promoting an open culture it’ll show teams the impact of their work so they can focus on growth.

Move in the same direction

React fasterThings change fast in growing businesses, so help everyone react to issues in real-time and spot problems before they get out of hand, with a live TV dashboard. Every time your team walks past, they’ll instantly know what needs action.

React faster

Increase ownershipAs your company grows, you can’t do everything, so give your teams the freedom to “own” their work with a TV dashboard. The real-time data allows them to track their progress, prioritize work, and brainstorm ideas to move key metrics.

Increase ownership

Why use Geckoboard's small business dashboard software?

  • Quick and easy

    Quick and easy

    You can build your first dashboard in minutes, and with over 60 integrations you can include all your everyday tools with no need to code.

  • Goals at a glance

    Goals at a glance

    Ditch complex data and week-old reports that get buried in browser tabs, and make metrics unmissable with your dashboard. This way, everyone can see their goals at a glance.

  • Designed for TV

    Designed for TV

    Get your dashboard on screen in seconds. Ultra-simple to set up, it’s designed for TV with distraction-free visualizations that are easy to understand from a distance.