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Does your team lose sight of key goals and metrics?

In a small business, busy teams can struggle to stay on top of important metrics and goals so performance suffers. Here’s why:

Metrics take a long time to dig out from spreadsheets and tools
Data can be too complex for everyone to understand
Individuals can slice and dice data differently, causing confusion
Weekly and monthly reports are often out of date when teams receive them

Geckoboard’s TV dashboards put metrics front of mind to help teams perform at their best

  • Focus teams on goals

    Focus teams on goals

    Make sure the metrics that matter are front of mind, with a small business dashboard. It gives your teams the information they need to do their job — and nothing else — so they can focus on goals and avoid distractions.

  • Speed up everyday decisions

    Speed up everyday decisions

    Help your teams take action faster by giving them real-time data on a TV. This way, they can see what’s happening at a glance — without digging into complicated tools and reports.

  • Reward effort and motivate

    Reward effort and motivate

    A TV dashboard is a great way to show teams how they contribute to company goals and the bigger picture. You can also acknowledge great work by naming star performers on screen.

Easily build custom TV dashboards for your business with Geckoboard

Pull in metrics from any toolWherever your metrics live, you can add them to your dashboard easily and securely. Choose from over 60 code-free integrations including Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mixpanel, Spreadsheets, and Databases.

Small business dashboard data sources

Effortlessly customizeWith our simple drag and drop interface, you can build a great looking dashboard in minutes. Tailor it for teams, experiment with the layout, and adjust your goals — without needing a developer.

Customizable small business dashboards

Quickly and clearly displayYou can get your small business dashboard live on a TV in minutes. Our carefully designed visualizations are easy to understand from a distance, and update automatically to give your teams real-time data throughout the day.

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