Company Milestones Dashboard example

Photo of Paul Dorney, CTO and Co-Founder at Silbo
Paul Dorney

CTO and Co-Founder

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What’s this dashboard for?

At Silbo we have several dashboards that show progress towards specific goals for different parts of the business. However, we wanted a really simple dashboard that displays the overall company goals we’re all contributing to, so they’re front of mind for the team.

This dashboard is similar to our KPIs dashboard which has a lot of information on different aspects of our business. However, it keeps things really simple and focuses on our most important top-level KPIs that we all contribute to. These include Downloads, Verified Officials on our platform, Number of Games Completed and Number of Assignments Facilitated (our main activity metric).

When we started, there were only four of us in a tiny office and everyone knew everything that was going on. But as we scaled as a company and hired more people, we knew that communication had to improve. We created this dashboard so we could be sure everyone in the company can see important company milestone trackers, know where we currently stand, and celebrate when we hit our goals.

  • Communicates important company objectives
  • Shows progress over time
  • Brings focus to everyone’s work