Management Dashboard Examples

What is a management dashboard?

Management dashboards are used by managers and team leaders to track both project and team performance. Unlike performance reviews, which tend to take place infrequently, a management dashboard can help a manager spot performance issues as they occur. This means they can quickly get to the root of the problem, and provide support and guidance to team members who are struggling.

  1. Team leader dashboard

    This dashboard is used by a Customer Service Director to track the performance of her Customer Service (CS) team. Their primary KPI is CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) which is taken from a customer survey delivered after each call. This allows the CS Director to track overall team performance as well as individual performance.

    Here we can see that Robbie, in particular, is performing less well than his colleagues this month, with a CSAT of 82%. And although Brie is recording consistently high CSAT scores, her productivity is lower than her colleagues. Of course, good managers don’t rush to immediate judgment – she would need to probe further, and address these points as part of informal catch ups and one-to-one meetings.

    The dashboard is also tracking projects directly from, their project management tool. Here we can see that several outstanding tasks have built up. Finally, on the right hand side, we can see the CS Director has also linked her dashboard to Google Calendar so she can easily keep track of upcoming birthdays and annual leave.

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