Google Ads campaign monitoring dashboard example

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Nils Herrmann

Acquisition Manager

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What’s this dashboard for?

This dashboard displays key Google Ads data that I need to keep an eye on throughout the day, in one place. It helps me check that our paid search campaigns are performing the way we want, and if spending or other performance metrics go awry, then the dashboard flags this so I can jump in and make adjustments to our campaigns.

This dashboard mostly contains metrics pulled directly from our Google Ads account, but I’ve added a few from Google Analytics too. The dashboard contains two groups of metrics: one with account-level metrics, and one with campaign-specific metrics.

Total Spend across the account is probably the metric I keep the closest eye on. I’ve set things up so that if Total Spend increases above a certain amount, it will turn red, which is great for peace of mind.

Most of the other metrics relate to a specific campaign I’m running right now. This makes it easy to check Conversions, Spend, Click-through Rate and Cost Per Conversion, without digging into Google Ads itself.

At the beginning of a quarter we started to take Google Ads seriously as an acquisition channel, and I was given budget to build some experimental campaigns. Paid Search isn’t the only channel I manage though, so I have little appetite for drilling into Google Ads’ interface throughout my day to check that everything is running as expected. I tend to focus on a handful of health metrics when I go into Google Ads, so these became the basis for my dashboard.

After creating this dashboard, I adjusted the indicators that show when Spend and Cost Per Conversion reach levels I’m not happy with. Other than that, the dashboard has stayed the same.

  • Monitors top level metrics from a Google Ads account in real time
  • Shows specific campaign metrics so you don’t need to dig through Google Ads
  • Highlights when specific metrics like CPC or CTR fall out of range

Seeing live data from Google Ads on a big screen gives me confidence that I can act quickly when adjustments are needed.

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