Digital Marketing Dashboard Example

What is a digital marketing dashboard?

Although digital marketing is well known for providing advertisers with a huge volume of reporting data, it can often be difficult to determine (and easily access) the metrics that are most important to you. A digital marketing dashboard provides a single view of the KPIs Digital Marketing Managers need to see, in order to understand their digital marketing campaigns, and take action to optimize performance.

  1. Digital marketing campaign dashboard

    In this dashboard example, the Marketing Manager is tracking the effectiveness of campaigns she is running across Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram. The dashboard tracks budget utilization as well as overall website conversions, including Cost per Conversion. Using this dashboard, she can easily see that Facebook Ads have been underperforming, at over $50 per conversion. She is also able to track other metrics higher up the funnel, such as Cost per Click, to help determine exactly where in the user journey she can be more effective.

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