Sales Product Performance Dashboard Example

What is a sales product performance dashboard?

A sales product performance dashboard helps salespeople understand how individual products (or brands) are contributing to overall revenue targets. It helps them understand which products are performing best, which are struggling and which might be affected by seasonal trends. They can use this insight to plan their sales more effectively and understand the best way to hit their targets. These dashboards are also used to communicate with operations and warehouse teams so they can manage the supply chain more effectively.

  1. Product Performance

    Here we have a classic example of a Product Performance dashboard from a boutique home appliances company. Like most sales dashboards, this still tracks total revenue, in this case, against an annual target of $3.6 million. However, this dashboard also breaks down how the performance of each product is contributing to that revenue figure. As we can see, the Freyr product has been outperforming all other products this year. And in what would otherwise look like a relatively stable year for revenue, we can see there has actually been a huge decline in sales of two of the products (Lege and Kos) with an emerging product (Ildsjel) making up the shortfall.

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