Service Level Agreement (SLA) Dashboard Example

What is a SLA dashboard?

A Service Level Agreement dashboard (SLA dashboard) helps customer service teams understand if the level of support they are providing meets set standards.

It’s a common practice in some industries to provide customers with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which guarantee particular aspects of service, such as a minimum response time for customer queries. By using a KPI dashboard, support teams can instantly see if their current performance is violating these agreements, and therefore react quickly to improve the situation.

  1. SLA dashboard

    This support team has a Service Level Agreement which relates to response time, in particular they will respond to customer queries within 15 minutes. This dashboard instantly shows if the team is violating that agreement, as well as showing their performance over the past month.

    It’s worth noting that although metrics like First Response Time are useful for tracking overall team performance, because FRT is an average, it will not reveal binary measures of performance like SLA violations. That’s why, in this case, the team has chosen to track both metrics using a dashboard.

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