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Track key ecommerce data on a live dashboard, and help your team stay in control.

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Track key aspects of your ecommerce business in one place

  • Track orders and keep an eye out for bottlenecks, with data from spreadsheets, databases and Shopify

  • Channel your team’s efforts, and respond to customers faster

  • Check your website is working perfectly

Build your dashboardin minutes

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  • Connect easily and securely with your tools like Google Analytics, Zendesk, and spreadsheets
  • Visualize your key metrics in a few clicks
  • Don’t worry about downloading as it lives in the Cloud

Easily share with your team and view remotely

Working from home? Gather your key ecommerce metrics on a single dashboard, and share it with your team to keep them informed. You can also view your dashboard remotely on mobile devices.

  • Sharing links

    Share dashboard links with your remote team members to keep open in their browsers.

  • Mobile access

    Check your dashboards on your mobile and stay up to date wherever you are.

  • Screenshots

    Give your team regular updates by sharing dashboard screenshots on Slack.

Ecommerce companies keeping things moving with Geckoboard

At a glance, everyone in our organization can instantly see how we’re doing. They don’t need to ask ‘how many orders did we ship today?’ – the answer’s right there on the dashboard.

Photo of Mike Johnson, President/COO at Locus Robotics
Mike Johnson
President/COO at Locus Robotics

The dashboards are a fundamental tool that we use to monitor the performance of the company and guide our team on a daily basis, in real time.

Photo of Romain Ogiela, Data Analyst at Casper
Romain Ogiela
Data Analyst at Casper