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Amazon Redshift Amazon Redshift

Easy and flexible Connect to your MySQL, PostgreSQL or Redshift database in seconds, effortlessly query it to get exactly the metric you want, then pick from a range of hassle-free visualizations that show your metrics off in style.

Set and forget Build your visualization once, and if you like, leave it untouched forever. Your visualizations will update in the background automatically so you can be sure you’re always showing your team up-to-date-numbers.

Set and forget

Read-only, for peace of mind Whether it’s you or someone else on your team building dashboards, you can rest easy that your database won’t be affected. Read our documentation to learn the specifics about how this integration works.

Read-only, for peace of mind

Why Geckoboard?

  • Focus teams on key goals

    Focus teams on key goals

    Make sure the metrics that matter are front of mind. Geckoboard’s TV dashboards give your teams the information they need to do their job — and nothing else — so they can focus their work and avoid distractions.

  • Speed up everyday decisions

    Speed up everyday decisions

    Help your teams take action faster by giving them real-time data on a TV. This way, they can see what’s happening at a glance — without digging into databases or other complicated tools and reports themselves.

  • Keep everyone moving in the right direction

    Keep everyone moving in the right direction

    As the company grows and your goals, KPIs, and overall objectives change, remind your team of the bigger picture and keep everyone on track.