Google Sheets Dashboard

See goals at a glance Create a Google spreadsheet dashboard for your TV, to give your team a real-time snapshot of how the company’s doing. Every time they walk past they’ll be reminded of goals, and can focus on key metrics.

See goals at a glance

React faster Emailing spreadsheets and digging out data is time-consuming. Instead, put key metrics right in front of your team on a TV dashboard, so they can react faster.

React faster

Inspire conversationsTV dashboards make great focal points for discussion. Display your spreadsheet data on your TV to get everyone talking about the metrics and brainstorming ways to boost them.

Inspire conversations
  • Spotting important trends and identifying issues before they become a problem is critical to performance, and having live data on office screens makes it simple.
    Adrian Sevitz, Vzaar
  • The simple visualizations make our business’s most important metrics easily digestible and actionable for everyone, and as a direct result of the live TV dashboard the team have managed to improve our website conversion rate by 33% in 6 months.
    Chris Peters, Diggerland USA

Key features

  • Clean visualizations

    Beautiful visualizations

    Bring data to life with our beautiful visualizations, so your team can understand their numbers instantly and from a distance.

  • Everything in one place

    Everything in one place

    See all your key metrics on a single TV dashboard, from Google Sheets plus your other everyday tools, with over 60 integrations to choose from.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Make your first dashboard in minutes, without a developer or coding. Simply pull in your spreadsheet, pick key metrics, and find the best ways to visualize them.

  • Seamless setup

    Seamless TV setup

    Get Geckoboard on your TV in seconds using just your laptop, or set it and forget it with our Chrome OS app. You can also alternate different dashboards on one TV with our loop option.