AdWords marketing dashboard example

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If you run or are interested in running an AdWords campaign (that is, pay-per-click advertising on Google search pages for certain key terms) you want to be able to quickly check in with how your campaigns are performing.

Of course, your AdWords strategy is just a small piece of your overall marketing strategy. We suggest using a Marketing Performance Dashboard to keep an eye on how all marketing efforts are performing in addition to an AdWords Dashboard specifically for monitoring and comparing your campaigns - much like the image above.

This specific dashboard belongs to a hypothetical marketer interested in how a retargeting campaign and two other AdWords campaigns are performing.

What metrics are on the AdWords Dashboard?

The goal of this metrics dashboard is to keep the marketer focused on increasing conversions from paid search while controlling media spend. Here are the various metrics they’re monitoring - with all data being pulled using the Geckoboard Google Adwords Integration.

The top row represents the performance of their Retargeting AdWords Campaign. Retargeting campaigns are used to drive people who once visited back to a website to make a purchase. In the top left corner, you’ll find the Spend this month metric - showing the total amount spent on the retargeting campaign this month vs. total budget. The four widgets next to total spend indicate the campaign’s performance. Specifically, you’ll find:

  • Click-through rate last 7 days
  • Impressions last 7 days
  • Clicks last 7 days
  • Conversions this week (Google Analytics or Adwords)

The first three metrics listed above measure how much traffic the retargeting campaign is driving to the marketer’s website. The last one measures conversions - the number of sales resulting from the campaign.

The following two rows of widgets measure the same metrics but for two different campaigns - Campaign A and Campaign B.

By monitoring the three campaigns at once, this marketer is able to gain a holistic view of how all AdWords campaigns are performing. The dashboard allows them to compare the three so they can move and allocate their budget accordingly. This will result in more bang for their buck, by investing in the campaigns with the highest number of conversions.

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