Executive Dashboard Examples

Get some inspiration from these executive dashboard examples we've put together using key SaaS, ecommerce, online marketplace, mobile apps, marketing, finance and online publisher key metrics. See how you can get an overview of your business using designs that are maximized for usefulness.

CEO dashboard example

Free CEO dashboard example and template covering key metrics for executives and how to source data for data visualizations for CEOs from Excel, Salesforce and other tools.

Ecommerce dashboard example

Get visibility on critical ecommerce metrics to monitor audience growth and maximize revenue generation.

Financial Dashboard Example

Take a look at this financial dashboard to see how to use key metrics to monitor company revenue and profit growth and increase transparency of financial performance in the business.

Marketing dashboard example

Learn about the different types of Marketing Dashboards you can create. Explore a sample to help you envision how your business could benefit from monitoring in this way.

Mobile app dashboard example

Monitor critical mobile app metrics to help understand and optimise downloads, retention, cost per install and more.

Online Marketplace Dashboard Example

Monitor your revenue generation and stakeholder growth with this online marketplace dashboard.

Online Publisher Dashboard Example

Use this Online Publisher example to get some inspiration about what key metrics to use to monitor audience growth and engagement to maximize revenue generation.

SaaS dashboard example

See some common SaaS KPIs that companies like Geckoboard track month on month and download a free Excel template to use in your SaaS business.