Build and share a spreadsheet dashboard in minutes

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  • Create straightforward visualizations

    Connect your spreadsheet to Geckoboard and quickly transform data, metrics and KPIs into easy-to-understand visualizations, that update automatically, in just a few clicks.

    Visualize spreadsheet data on a dashboard
  • Focus attention on your numbers

    Build up a tailored dashboard that shows off your most important numbers without any distractions, confusing drill downs, or giving access to your raw data.

    Build a spreadsheet dashboard
  • Share your dashboard effortlessly

    Get eyes on your dashboard by sharing a link, embedding it in other tools like Microsoft Teams, or scheduling snapshots to post to Slack automatically.

    Share a spreadsheet dashboard

Build and share your first spreadsheet dashboard in minutes

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We have gone from spending a lot of time and effort creating charts within PDF docs to a spreadsheet-powered dashboard that is easy to create, update and share. I’m excited to be able to share the information on our dashboard, and our board members love it!

Photo of Lakisha Miller-Barclay, CEO, Rubber Division, ACS
Lakisha Miller-Barclay
CEO, Rubber Division, ACS

As a scale up our team is growing and growing. For us, Geckoboard is a great way to inspire our teams and keep everyone sharp. Our marketing dashboard tracks five websites with data from a Google Sheet. It allows us to easily compare performance between the sites and see everything in one place.

Photo of Emiel van Lenthe, Chief of Marketing, Codator
Emiel van Lenthe
Chief of Marketing, Codator