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1000s of CS teams use Geckoboard to deliver awesome customer service

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Reports in your ticketing system are holding you back

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    You can’t easily see the state of play right now

    Simply getting an idea of how busy different channels are right now, where there might be bottlenecks, and how agents are performing throughout the day often needs several browser tabs open and hits of the refresh button.

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    Agents don’t know what’s going on across the team

    They might have a feel for how they’ve been doing individually, but without a wider view, agents must rely on you to know which channels need attention, whether they need to speed up or take their foot off the gas, and if customers are happy.

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    Your team’s efforts aren’t fully appreciated

    The rest of the company rarely see everything CS are up to. Communicating your team’s hard work properly often means spending time stuck building custom reports, or presenting out-of-date numbers to your bosses.

Reports are great for yesterday. I’m interested in today.

Cory Archer
Director of Support, DataBank IMX
Photo of Cory Archer, Director of Support, DataBank IMX

With Geckoboard’s real-time dashboards, everyone knows exactly what’s happening in CS right now

Customer support dashboard

Get up and running with your own tailormade dashboard in just a few minutes*

*No coding, design skills, training, extra seats for your help desk tool, or endless Googling required.

Try it yourself completely free for 14 days

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No strings attached, and if you need anything our own support team is just a click away.

See what our customers say...

  • AMAZING! I started using Geckoboard as a test, had my first dashboard in 10 minutes and from there we have created many dashboards without any IT involvement or coding.

  • It gives each of my agents (and myself) the quick-glance knowledge of current workloads, needs, and a variety of other KPIs without any context switching.

  • For the wider business, it's good for them to see that we are a hugely data-driven team and for them to understand what goes into being a Customer Support team!

  • Geckoboard is awesome; it's simple to set up, and our agents love being able to track their workload and performance in real-time.

Easy, secure access to live support KPIs for everyone, at any time

Share dashboards
  • For you

    Easily bookmark or share a link to your live dashboard, or open it up on a second screen for easy monitoring.

  • For agents

    Make your dashboards unmissable by displaying them on large screens around the office, scheduling them to drop into Slack automatically or adding them to internal docs.

  • For the organisation

    Give other parts of the business their own easy-to-understand view of support metrics they (should) care about, from product right up to the CEO.

It’s generated total awareness for us and for the executive team.

Johann Loibl
Head of Customer Care, Zipmoney
Photo of Johann Loibl, Head of Customer Care, Zipmoney