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Whether you’re a small business, a manager of a team, or looking to share important numbers across your whole organisation, Geckoboard’s online dashboard creator lets you create stunning dashboards from live data in a matter of minutes.

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How to create a dashboard with Geckoboard

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  • Connect your data, from over 80 sources

    Securely connect to over 80 different data sources and pull in live data without any coding or complicated setup.

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  • Visualize your KPIs

    Turn your data, metrics and KPIs into clear visualisations that are easy to understand.

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  • Design your dashboard how you want it

    Move, resize and group your visualisations, with our easy-to-use dashboard builder.

    Easy to use dashboard building tool
  • Get eyes on it

    Create a sharing URL. Set up automatic screenshots for email or slack. Display it on a big screen.

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Everything you need to create and share your own dashboards

  • Drag and drop dashboard interface

    Drag and drop interface

    Get up and running quickly in your browser without any training. You’re in control.

  • Data visualizations

    Clear visualizations

    It’s a pie chart-free zone. . All our our out-of-the-box visualisations are optimized for clarity and comprehension.

  • Data integrations

    80+ integrations

    Quickly pull in live data from the tools you use day-to-day. We’re always adding more.

  • Build dashboards using spreadsheet data from Excel and Google Sheets

    Spreadsheet integration

    Turn dull spreadsheets into professional-looking dashboards, synced to your Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel files.

  • Custom dashboard themes

    Custom themes and logos

    Customize your dashboards with your brand logo and colours.

  • 24/5 support

    Amazing support

    If you get stuck or have questions, our dedicated support team can help. They usually respond in under 10 minutes.


  • Do I need to download anything?

    Nope - you just need a web browser to make or view a dashboard.

  • How do I display my dashboard on a big screen or TV?

    You’ll need to set your TV or screen up to show a web browser - we’ve got a guide on how to do this here. After that, pair it with your Geckoboard account and you’ll be able to choose which dashboards display on your screen.

  • Can I share my dashboard(s) publicly?

    Sure - sharing links are perfect for that.

  • You don’t have an integration for X - can I still use Geckoboard?

    If you want to visualize data from a source we don’t support out-of-the-box, we have a few options. If you can get data into a spreadsheet, you can get it into Geckoboard, and a number of plugins can help. We have a Zapier integration too, which opens up thousands of data sources we don’t connect with directly. Developers can use our API to send data from tools and in-house systems. Or you can get in touch with our knowledgeable team, who’ll look into it for you.

We have gone from spending a lot of time and effort creating charts within PDF docs to a spreadsheet-powered dashboard that is easy to create, update and share. I’m excited to be able to share the information on our dashboard, and our board members love it!

Photo of Lakisha Miller-Barclay, CEO, Rubber Division, ACS
Lakisha Miller-Barclay
CEO, Rubber Division, ACS

As a fast-growing, local business, we needed something to help teams track their performance on a weekly and daily basis. We chose Geckoboard because it’s easy to use and easy to digest. The numbers don’t lie – since we introduced Geckoboard to the office, we’ve seen a dramatic revenue increase of 85.7% vs. this time last year.

Photo of Jherreld Venturina, Marketing Director, Service Stars
Jherreld Venturina
Marketing Director, Service Stars