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Thaisa Money

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What’s this dashboard for?

We’re always recruiting for several roles at any given time, so keeping on top of our pipeline is crucial. We made this dashboard to give us an up-to-date snapshot of how our processes are performing, to make sure we’re operating efficiently and our pipeline is healthy.

Day to day, we’re most interested in the health of our candidate pipeline, so we’ve made this the most prominent visualization on our dashboard. It’s powered off a Google Sheet where we centralize a lot of our recruitment metrics, and from here we can quickly and easily calculate metrics like Candidate to Hire Yield Ratio for our dashboard.

Aside from our pipeline, we also need to keep tabs on the cost of sourcing our hires throughout the year. To show this, we’ve made a column chart with a breakdown of Costs Per Month, and although this is a lagging metric, it helps us keep an eye on costs without having to dig into our financials too frequently.

Finally, one of our OKRs as a team is to fill all the positions we’re recruiting for during the quarter. We’ve added this target to our dashboard along with how many positions we’ve filled so we can stay focused on what we need to achieve, and get a feel for whether we’re on track or not.

During a recent flurry of hiring, we found it tricky to keep track of where we were at. We were barely keeping up with our day-to-day stuff, and simply didn’t make the time to regularly analyze the health of our candidate funnel or take stock of our progress against our targets.

To address this, we made a simple dashboard that showed the current status of our candidate pipeline. Over the following weeks, we developed our dashboard to include other useful information and give more context to our numbers.

The biggest change was adding some of our high-level cost data, followed by some metrics that show the performance of our careers page. With these on the dashboard, we now have one place to look if we want to understand how our processes are functioning and if there’s anything we need to dig into.

  • Shows the health of your candidate pipeline at a glance
  • Gives a sense of progress towards your targets
  • Helps everyone understand which channels are driving Signups throughout the month
  • Helps you keep an eye on recruitment costs in the long term

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