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Anna Evans

Head of Marketing

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What’s this dashboard for?

As a team, we have several projects on the go across several channels. This makes it challenging to see how our activities fit together, and to monitor key metrics from across the funnel and all our tools.

I built this dashboard for a big screen that’s next to the team’s desks, so we can stay aware of our most important metrics day to day.

The most important metric on our dashboard is Monthly Signups for our free trial, which we’re constantly trying to increase. We pull this from Google Analytics, and for added context, we’ve split the metric by channel.

We have several metrics for our newsletter on there too, as this is a channel we’re developing this quarter. We’ve added some obvious metrics from Mailchimp like Number of Newsletter Subscribers, plus Open Rate and Click-through Rate, but we plan to build a dedicated newsletter dashboard for next quarter with more detail.

I’ve also included a few “nice to have” metrics that add interest, and show the team the ebb and flow of visitors to our website. Sessions on our site (from Google Analytics) fluctuates daily and gives us a feel for “good days” and “bad days.” There’s also a feed of tweets mentioning our brand so we can keep an eye on what our audience is saying about us, and start a conversation on Twitter if we need to.

We’ve had many dashboards in previous years that focused on individual parts of the funnel. But, we realised we needed a summary dashboard when we launched a new section of our website. As a team we were interested in how the launch would affect a range of things, but we knew it would be a time sink and a distraction to track all of these things across all our tools. The answer was a single dashboard to summarize our most important metrics.

We’ll always have Signups on our dashboards, but we’ve swapped metrics depending on which channels we’re prioritizing at the time. This is the main dashboard our team sees, so I want it to represent the range of things we’re working on. And it’s not just there for us — it also helps other teams in the business understand what we’re doing.

  • Centralizes key digital marketing metrics
  • Shows Signups throughout the month
  • Helps everyone understand which channels are driving Signups throughout the month
  • Gives a real-time view of Traffic and Mentions on social media

Having our most important metrics in one place means we don’t get distracted by metrics that aren’t meaningful.

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