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Nils Herrmann

Acquisition Manager

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What’s this dashboard for?

Your website is probably your number one driver for attracting and converting new customers. And usually it’s the first place that new users come into contact with your company. So, it’s not only important to have a user-friendly website, but also to closely monitor the performance of your website and the behavior of visitors.

Often, website performance data is buried in spreadsheets or in a Google Analytics account. But a web analytics dashboard lets you display crucial data live on a TV. This makes it really easy for your team to spot problems with the website, and react quickly. It also helps them answer urgent questions about the website, and identify areas that need to be optimized.

On top of this, a web analytics dashboard encourages data-driven conversations between teams, and keeps the whole company informed about the health of the website.

All data shown on this dashboard is pulled from Google Analytics.

As marketers, it's easy to get distracted by meaningless metrics that won’t actually drive results on your website. To help you stay focused, we’ve limited this dashboard to crucial, user-centric metrics:

  • Users
  • Conversions
  • Bounce Rate
  • New vs Returning Visitors
  • Users by Channel
  • Most-visited Website Pages

Together, these metrics capture the “heartbeat” of a website, giving teams an up-to-the minute overview of performance.

They will help your team answer questions about the number of website visitors, the effectiveness of your acquisition channels, your conversion rate, and the performance of your content marketing. And this in turn will help you align your acquisition, content, and conversion optimization strategies.

  • Shows you the Number of Website Visitors in real time
  • Monitors the Bounce Rate of key pages to spot negative effects on the user experience
  • Helps everyone understand which channels are driving Signups throughout the month
  • Enables you to keep a close eye on your Websites Conversion Rate

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