SEO Dashboard Examples

What is an SEO dashboard?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly technical process, which involves working with many data points. An SEO dashboard aims to distill and visualize the most important metrics so marketers can track performance over time and / or monitor vital SEO health metrics.

Example of an SEO dashboard

  1. SEO audit dashboard
  2. SEO KPI dashboard
  1. SEO audit dashboard

    This dashboard is used in conjunction with a regular SEO audit run via SEMrush. It reports on important monitoring metrics created by SEMrush such as site errors, warnings and the website score. It also shows the biggest keyword rankings changes over the past month. Geckoboard doesn’t have a native integration with SEMrush, but it’s easy to pull SEMrush data onto your dashboard using Supermetrics’ addon for Google Sheets.

    The dashboard also visualizes an important SEO metric from Google Analytics – page load time. Page load time can have a drastic effect on a website’s ranking. Here we see that the average load time for the homepage has recently spiked. This would require further investigation.

    • Focus area

      SEO errors, load time

    • Who looks at it?

      SEO Manager, Webmaster, Marketing Director

    • How often?

      At least once a week

    • Google SheetsGoogle Analytics
  2. SEO KPI dashboard

    SEO can be painstaking work, where the impact is often only seen after several months of regular optimization. This is why it’s especially important for marketers who are working on SEO to visualize their performance data in a way that makes sense to them and their team.

    This dashboard is tracking website traffic generated from organic search. We can see which landing pages acquired the most traffic and how these sessions are contributing to overall business success. This Marketing Manager has also decided to track the performance of new content produced this year. Here we see a regular occurrence with SEO work, it’s taken several months for new content to rank, but once it has, it has seen radical growth – we sometimes call this the “hockey stick” effect.

    • Focus areas

      Organic traffic, new content

    • Who looks at it?

      Marketing Director, Marketing Manager

    • How often?

      Several times a month

    • Google Analytics

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