A/B Test Dashboard Example

What is an A/B test dashboard?

Many digital marketers use a Test & Learn approach to optimize user experience and overall marketing effectiveness. This often takes the form of A/B tests where samples of users are given different content, in order to see which iteration is more effective. An A/B test dashboard visualizes and compares the performance of each iteration, allowing marketing teams to be aware of how the experiment is progressing in real time.

  1. A/B test dashboard

    This dashboard shows the performance of two different product information pages, in order to understand which is more effective. The experiment has been set up in Google Optimize and the data is pulled directly from Google Analytics. We can clearly see that the first version has performed better in terms of both conversions and engagement.

    • Focus area

      UX testing

    • Who looks at it?

      UX Designer, Digital Marketing Manager

    • How often?

      Several times a month

    • Google Analytics

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