CMO Dashboard Example

What is a CMO dashboard?

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) use CMO dashboards to maintain a high level overview of their company’s marketing spending and performance. These will often include long term measures of brand health, as well as key metrics that indicate the success of current marketing initiatives.

  1. CMO dashboard

    This CMO dashboard focuses on three areas. In the first column, the CMO is tracking some important brand health metrics, including the volume of monthly searches for their brand name, the number of mentions of their brand on social media, and their current Net Promoter Score. This gives the CMO an indication of both brand awareness and sentiment, both of which are leading indicators of future commercial success.

    In the central section, the CMO dashboard is tracking metrics related to customers. This includes the average Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Many CMOs and Marketing Directors use the LTV:CAC ratio to measure the financial sustainability of their current marketing investment. The principle being that the cost of acquiring a customer should be repaid several times over during the customer lifetime.

    Finally, this dashboard is also reporting on the overall advertising spend this quarter. This dashboard is designed to give a high level overview, whereas the individual performance of these campaigns is likely to be measured by other dashboards used by Marketing Managers, such as a digital marketing dashboard.

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