Health and Safety Dashboard Example

What is a Health and Safety dashboard?

Health and Safety dashboards visualize various metrics related to a company’s Health and Safety practices, together, in one place. These dashboards help people responsible for Health and Safety in an organization to understand how effective their initiatives have been, and take a more data-driven approach to risk management.

A Health and Safety dashboard might monitor anything from the volume of accidents, to more preventative areas of Health and Safety, such as training participation or drills. A Health and Safety dashboard might even monitor operational processes, such as the timely completion of risk assessments.

  1. Health and Safety dashboard

    This dashboard monitors a variety of metrics related to Health and Safety in the company.

    In part, the dashboard tracks how many incidents have occured, where they have a occured and how long it has been since an incident. An incident might include accidents that caused injuries, or even near misses where no injury occured. By tracking this metric, the organization can gain a better understanding of when and where accidents occur, prioritizing their efforts to prevent incidents in the future. Simultaneously, the dashboard also serves as a constant reminder to employees of the importance of observing Health and Safety regulations.

    The Health and Safety lead is also using this dashboard to track whether or not important procedures are being followed, such as risk assessments being submitted and approved, and Health and Safety training being completed by employees. If these processes are not being followed, they will be able to see this instantly, and take action.

    Finally, on the right-hand side of the dashboard, the Health and Safety lead is tracking performance metrics where long term goals have been set. This includes aiming to complete fire drill evacuations within a set time, and maintaining a good employee score on a regular, company-wide Health and Safety evaluation.

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