Account Manager Dashboard Example

What is an Account Manager dashboard?

Account Managers (sometimes called ‘Client Services’) are responsible for building relationships with customers, helping to solve their problems and presenting them with the full range of solutions their company has to offer. Their focus on the overall commercial value of the customer (in particular through upselling / cross selling) separates them from other customer-facing functions like Customer Support.

Account Manager dashboards are likely to focus on metrics such as: overall account value, customer engagement, upselling and retention.

  1. Account Manager dashboard (SaaS company)

    This dashboard is used by an Account Manager at a Saas company. In particular, they are responsible for successfully onboarding new customers, encouraging existing customers to upgrade their plan and also working with accounts who are at risk of cancelling their subscription (churn).

    On the whole, this dashboard shows that things are going well. New accounts, upgrades, and a lack of churn is contributing to an increase in MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). We can also see that the onboarding process has gone smoothly this month, hitting the target for average days to fully onboard, as well as achieving a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT Score) of over 90%. (Additionally, this Account Manager has chosen to track individual accounts who have scored low, so she can get to the bottom of their poor experience.)

    However, the story isn’t completely optimistic. The dashboard is highlighting a potential risk to future MRR; over 100 accounts have not engaged with the platform in over 45 days, (a sign they are likely to churn) including a number of premium accounts. The total MRR at risk from these accounts is over $15k. Fortunately, this Account Manager is now aware and able to take pre-emptive action.

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