Realtor Dashboard Examples

What is a realtor dashboard?

A realtor dashboard helps individual realtors, or teams of realtors visualize KPIs in real time, so they can support a culture of performance. There are two main types types of dashboards used in Real Estate – monitoring dashboards and performance dashboards.

A monitoring dashboard brings a realtor’s most important metrics into one place, so they can keep an eye on important changes as they happen.

A performance dashboard, on the other hand, is designed to reinforce the metrics that matter, so the team stays aligned and motivated towards key goals. These dashboards are often displayed on a TV screen in the office and promote friendly competition between different realtors. However, they can also be accessed online or via collaboration tools such as Slack.

Different examples of realtor dashboards

  1. Brokerage team dashboard
  2. New development: sales dashboard
  1. Brokerage team dashboard

    This dashboard has been created by the head of a small brokerage team. Even though different members of the brokerage have different revenue targets, the percentage target visualization creates a level playing field where the realtors can engage in friendly competition.

    Because the realtors can physically see their headshot next to their performance metrics, up on a TV screen, it can act as a powerful motivation tool – to strive to do better. It also helps realtors who are performing less well. They naturally start to ask the right questions – “Why am I not performing as well as X person?” These questions form a great starting point, where coaching and personal development can begin.

    The dashboard also creates the opportunity for the team leader to constantly reinforce metrics they think are strategically important. Everyone cares about revenue, but by also visualizing secondary KPIs like “Average Days to Close”, the leader can build a culture where the team focuses on the right things.

  2. New development: sales dashboard

    This dashboard has been designed to support a team of realtors who are selling apartments in a new development. In part, the dashboard acts as a performance dashboard; it includes a leaderboard, which promotes friendly competition between realtors.

    However, the dashboard also acts as a monitoring dashboard, providing a live feed of recent sales – including who sold which plot and at what price. In these types of Real Estate scenarios, deals can move quickly. And the dashboard allows the team to stay informed about what’s recently changed.

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