Customer Service Dashboard Examples

What is a customer service dashboard?

A customer service dashboard visualizes a support team’s performance in real-time, so they can better react to important changes and achieve their goals. These dashboards are used by CS teams at a wide variety of businesses, working across multiple support channels. These channels might include call support, live chat, email support or even self-service channels.

Examples of customer service dashboards

  1. Customer service
  2. Multi channel support
  1. Customer service

    This dashboard is based on one used by a SaaS business to track their Customer Service KPIs. In the top left corner, we can see the number of tickets that are live (or “open”). We can also see the number of tickets which have not yet been assigned to an agent. The line chart in the bottom left shows how effectively the team is keeping up with demand by showing the number of tickets raised each hour, alongside the number of tickets that have been closed each hour.

    The dashboard visualizes several other popular support KPIs including Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), First Response Time (FRT) and percentage of responses within the Service Level Agreement (SLA). It also displays IQS, a form of internal Quality Assurance score popularized by Klaus.

    In addition, the dashboard shows some useful live data, such as recent CSAT scores (with comments), Agent status and most successful agents (by number of tickets solved) today.

  2. Multi channel support

    This dashboard splits out KPIs according to different support channels (sometimes referred to as omnichannel support). This allows the team to understand how each channel is performing, so they can prioritize their efforts accordingly.

    Across Live Chat, Call and Email, the dashboard is tracking the same KPIs – First Response Time (FRT), Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the number of new and closed tickets that day. The self-service KPIs are slightly different; here the team is tracking NPS alongside the number of visitors the help center has received this month.

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